Testimonial from Wendy

Successful VBAC

Ya know…  I am a very deeply private person.  I had delivered 7 children.  The first 6 kids were vaginal, and the 7th baby was a C-section.  I have only ever allowed my husband to be with me during labor and delivery.  However, facing the obstacle of overcoming the tremendous pressures and negativity surrounding a VBAC, I knew I needed to have someone on my side, to be MY advocate.  A person I could rely on to be there for ME.  I talked to my husband who was very unsure about the whole “doula-thing”.  He agreed with stipulations and I began looking.  I contacted dozens, and dozens of doulas.  Many would not take me because I was a VBAC, or I was not in their “area”, or they just were too busy.  Many of them were just abrasive and not my cup of tea.  I am not opposed to “interventions”, but I wanted someone who would support the choices I made and the goals and ideals I had.  I interviewed only one doula face to face.  The minute she walked in the door I KNEW she was it.  She was sweet, charming…and NORMAL!  She had similar views of birth to mine.  But, she was not opposed to natural labor which is what I really wanted this time.  She had a ton of information, and techniques I had not heard of.  She was extremely educated in relief techniques.  She was willing to learn more about VBAC and listened to my ideas of how I wanted my birth.

When it came time, she was there for me.  She knew instinctively what to do and when to do it.  She had a way of knowing what I needed even before I did.  She was gentle, soft, patient.  She was nothing short of a miracle.  My birth was a long, tiring one.  She was with me for 14 hours through the night.  She did not sleep a wink.  She stayed with me…talked to me… let me rest.  She was just there to be what I needed, when I needed it.  When it got so hard (no drugs), she was there and she got me through one of the most intense, amazing experiences I have ever had.  It was truly the most amazing moment of my life.  I can’t possible repay her for her amazing abilities.  I would HIGHLY recommend this amazing mother, woman and doula to anyone.  She is truly talented.  Since the birth, she has kept in contact with us.  She emails for updates on the baby, on me.  She started out as just a doula for a birth, but instead, has become MUCH more.

To anyone who is possibly thinking about a doula, I would absolutely hire Amy in a heart beat.  I can’t believe I never used a doula in the past.  The benefits are tremendous.  Amy is an Amazing woman and is very capable!

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