Testimonial from Whitney C.

My birthing experience was AMAZING and she was a HUGE part of it.  I went into it planning to do a natural birth in the hospital.  She met with me a few times and constantly was there to answer any questions I had (it was my first baby, so I had MANY).  I had to go to the hospital a few times because I thought I had gone into labor, had to get prostaglandin gels and was dehydrated.  All 3 times Amy was by her phone checking up on me seeing how things were going.  Even when I was there in the middle of the night/morning, she was still up checking on me.  When it was the real thing she met us in the delivery room and brought all her materials.  I was in labor for 22 hours and she was there for the WHOLE thing, plus a little longer after baby came.

She was positive the whole time and very understanding.  She had a gentle touch that was very relaxing for me and knew what I needed.  When it came to making decisions she would ask me and let me answer on my own time and not constantly bother me.  After I gave birth she was there to help out but stood back out of the way so we could enjoy the moment.  She was getting me ice chips and helping out in any way that she could but understood the importance of letting me and my husband meet our baby and enjoy that time.  She met with us afterwards to see how things were going and still keeps in contact with me.  She exceeded our expectations by far and made the labor experience one I can look back on and smile!  I will DEFINITELY use her for my next birth and had an amazing experience thanks to her.

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