Testimonial from Jena N.

I cannot imagine what this birth would have been like without Amy. I was preparing for a VBAC and not knowing what to expect. I was feeling creeping doubts about my body’s ability to birth and tolerate the pain. Through each worry and doubt Amy was there to give my husband and I concrete information, tools and ideas to help my body, and mostly constant encouragement that helped us to feel open and confident about the birth. When I went on for over a week having contractions that kept making me think “this is it!” Amy was there for the excitement and to keep my spirits up when the continued false alarms had me frustrated and confused. When I went past my due date and decided to have the doctor break my water, Amy helped me understand the decision and was completely supportive.

Labor came on fast, and Amy was there minutes after I called for her to come. As soon as she walked in the door I felt measurably calmer, she immediately assessed my situation and began the comfort measures that we had discussed in our first appointments. When labor intensified even more, I began to realize that this was more than I could handle, and the stress was keeping my body from being able to progress smoothly in labor. I had made a commitment to a natural birth, and I was afraid to disappoint myself and everyone who had invested in a natural birth as well, but I felt complete support from Amy when I asked for an epidural. After the epidural, Amy stayed by my side, helping to keep relaxing and helping my body to keep up its progress. My body progressed quickly and when it was time to push, Amy was, again, right by my side as I delivered my daughter.

This pregnancy could have been a traumatic experience in so many ways, I credit the positive outcome–not just my healthy daughter, but the positive feelings I have about the process–to having Amy right by my side through each phase, each unexpected event, and ultimately, through the elation of my daughter’s birth.

Jena N.
Successful VBAC 5/4/2011

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