Testimonial from Natalia K.

I never write reviews. But I simply had to write about Amy. I wanted to hire a doula because my husband was working in a different city (he could only get on a plane once I was already in labor). My first (and correct) impression about Amy was that she is very organized, knowledgeable, calm, and reasonable. These are exactly the qualities that I looked for in a doula. She was well prepared for our meeting, and answered all of my questions. Prior to hiring Amy, I interviewed another doula. She was a very nice and compassionate person, but not nearly as professional and organized as Amy, even though she had more experience on paper.

I never regretted my choice. The amount of care and support I received from Amy throughout the process – before, during, and after labor – was far more than I expected. She would check on me after every doctor appointment, and we exchanged numerous emails and talked over the phone whenever I had questions. I was overdue by six days, and Amy suggested reflexology as well as some other safe methods to speed up the process and avoid induction. When I finally went into labor, it started progressing fast. Amy arrived promptly and drove me to the hospital. When she was walking hospital corridors with me, we chatted about all sorts of things between my contractions. I felt like I was with a friend. During contractions, she could easily understand when I wanted or did not want a massage, a heating pad, etc. Amy’s presence and support helped me to stay composed and calm. During pushing, when I could hardly focus on and understand what nurses and the doctor were saying, she gave me simple commands that I could follow.

My husband walked into the delivery room twenty minutes before our daughter was born. But not for a moment did I feel lonely that day, and I know it might sound crazy, but I actually enjoyed it. I had an easy labor and delivery, without any pain medication. I was lucky; somehow my body knew what to do. But I am absolutely sure that Amy’s presence contributed a great deal to how well and smoothly everything went. I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone.

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