Testimonial from Sarah C.

sarahs-babyWhen I first met Amy, we hit it off right away. She is very easy going and enjoyable to talk with. I felt very comfortable with her. I wanted to hire a Doula because I was going to have a natural birth at a hospital and needed help in allowing that to happen. I wanted some support and guidance the whole way through the labor process, knowing my Dr. would only be there for the delivery and who knows what kind of nurse you will get. I also wanted to alleviate the stress on my husband who was not 100% supportive of the natural birth. So Amy was the perfect solution to guide me through my pregnancy and birth. Amy was very knowledgeable and supportive of all of my views. She gave me insight and different options to look into, and ultimately guided me in creating a birth plan that we were both happy with. We met a few times during my pregnancy. She came to my house and instructed me and my husband on different laboring positions and pain relieving techniques. She went over with us the whole labor process, what to expect, the order things will happen, and what we will do as everything happens. My husband and I were both very happy with the meeting and felt very informed and as ready as we could be for the birth.

I was fortunate to have a pretty text book, straight forward labor and birth; and Amy was right there with me every step of the way. There were a few situations where I had to make some tough decisions and Amy was helpful in guiding me through them. I was in A LOT of pain and Amy helped me to get through it. At times, I wanted to give up and give in, she really helped me focus and see that I could do it. I did do it, and I don’t think I could have went through the natural birth that I so dearly wanted without Amy’s support and guidance. She was also very helpful after our daughter was born. She made sure I was doing well and also made sure breastfeeding was going okay and answered any questions I had on that. She checked in on us a week after the baby was born, came to our home and presented us a beautiful timeline of the whole labor and delivery. I plan on having more kids and I will no doubt be having Amy there with me for those pregnancies as well. Amy is like having a family member, who is actually knowledgeable, there for you.

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