Testimonial from Sarah C.

sarahs-babyWhen I first met Amy, we hit it off right away. She is very easy going and enjoyable to talk with. I felt very comfortable with her. I wanted to hire a Doula because I was going to have a natural birth at a hospital and needed help in allowing that to happen. I wanted some support and guidance the whole way through the labor process, knowing my Dr. would only be there for the delivery and who knows what kind of nurse you will get. I also wanted to alleviate the stress on my husband who was not 100% supportive of the natural birth. So Amy was the perfect solution to guide me through my pregnancy and birth. Amy was very knowledgeable and supportive of all of my views. She gave me insight and different options to look into, and ultimately guided me in creating a birth plan that we were both happy with. We met a few times during my pregnancy. She came to my house and instructed me and my husband on different laboring positions and pain relieving techniques. She went over with us the whole labor process, what to expect, the order things will happen, and what we will do as everything happens. My husband and I were both very happy with the meeting and felt very informed and as ready as we could be for the birth.

I was fortunate to have a pretty text book, straight forward labor and birth; and Amy was right there with me every step of the way. There were a few situations where I had to make some tough decisions and Amy was helpful in guiding me through them. I was in A LOT of pain and Amy helped me to get through it. At times, I wanted to give up and give in, she really helped me focus and see that I could do it. I did do it, and I don’t think I could have went through the natural birth that I so dearly wanted without Amy’s support and guidance. She was also very helpful after our daughter was born. She made sure I was doing well and also made sure breastfeeding was going okay and answered any questions I had on that. She checked in on us a week after the baby was born, came to our home and presented us a beautiful timeline of the whole labor and delivery. I plan on having more kids and I will no doubt be having Amy there with me for those pregnancies as well. Amy is like having a family member, who is actually knowledgeable, there for you.

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Testimonial from Merideth M.

Amy was such a wonderful support and resource prenatally, during labor, and during recovery! I can’t say enough good things about her. She has such a calm demeanor and doesn’t get flustered about anything! Amy is so knowledgeable, caring, and professional, and does everything she can to help you get the information you need, whether it’s about pregnancy, questions to ask your doctor, the labor process, breastfeeding, or contacts for other support people.

Amy was supportive of my decisions and helped write a birth plan. My OB’s office was less than ideal, and Amy helped me get information I needed that they didn’t provide. I had planned on a natural labor, but then chose to get an epidural. Amy was never judgmental, just supportive of all decisions and offered information so I could make the most informed decision possible. She is very kind and was available by phone, text, or email. It was so nice to have another person to support me during the whole process. I highly recommend hiring Amy as a doula! She is wonderful!

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Testimonial from Natalia K.

I never write reviews. But I simply had to write about Amy. I wanted to hire a doula because my husband was working in a different city (he could only get on a plane once I was already in labor). My first (and correct) impression about Amy was that she is very organized, knowledgeable, calm, and reasonable. These are exactly the qualities that I looked for in a doula. She was well prepared for our meeting, and answered all of my questions. Prior to hiring Amy, I interviewed another doula. She was a very nice and compassionate person, but not nearly as professional and organized as Amy, even though she had more experience on paper.

I never regretted my choice. The amount of care and support I received from Amy throughout the process – before, during, and after labor – was far more than I expected. She would check on me after every doctor appointment, and we exchanged numerous emails and talked over the phone whenever I had questions. I was overdue by six days, and Amy suggested reflexology as well as some other safe methods to speed up the process and avoid induction. When I finally went into labor, it started progressing fast. Amy arrived promptly and drove me to the hospital. When she was walking hospital corridors with me, we chatted about all sorts of things between my contractions. I felt like I was with a friend. During contractions, she could easily understand when I wanted or did not want a massage, a heating pad, etc. Amy’s presence and support helped me to stay composed and calm. During pushing, when I could hardly focus on and understand what nurses and the doctor were saying, she gave me simple commands that I could follow.

My husband walked into the delivery room twenty minutes before our daughter was born. But not for a moment did I feel lonely that day, and I know it might sound crazy, but I actually enjoyed it. I had an easy labor and delivery, without any pain medication. I was lucky; somehow my body knew what to do. But I am absolutely sure that Amy’s presence contributed a great deal to how well and smoothly everything went. I would definitely recommend Amy to anyone.

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Testimonial from Kristen C.

I would very highly recommend Amy as your doula. She was exactly what I was looking for in a doula. She was kind, supportive, knowledgable and very passionate about what she does. She responds to emails and phone calls right away and will research and answer any and all questions you have throughout your pregnancy. She also meets with you regularly face to face to get to know you, put together your birth plan, go over stages of labor and comfort measures, etc. I felt completely comfortable with her from day one.

I was hoping to have a natural birth in hospital setting, so my birth plan was tailored to that. However, my birth experience did not go as planned. I ended up having to have pitocin and an epidural as my labor was not progressing as it should have been. Amy was there every step of the way to help me through the emotional ups and downs of labor. I should also mention that it was close to 40 hours from the time my water broke until I delivered my beautiful baby and she was there EVERY step of the way. She stayed up all night with me doing massage and helping me breathe through contractions for six hours before I had the epidural. Every time the nurses came in and wanted to do something, she talked it through with me so I felt comfortable. She did not leave my side for the entire process. She even walked the halls with me for hours. My husband was there with me as well, but Amy provided a kind of support that he would never be able to or know how to. We are both so glad that we chose her as our doula.

I plan to stay in touch with Amy and she will always be a very special person in our lives for the role she played in helping bring our beautiful baby boy into the world.

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Testimonial from Jena N.

I cannot imagine what this birth would have been like without Amy. I was preparing for a VBAC and not knowing what to expect. I was feeling creeping doubts about my body’s ability to birth and tolerate the pain. Through each worry and doubt Amy was there to give my husband and I concrete information, tools and ideas to help my body, and mostly constant encouragement that helped us to feel open and confident about the birth. When I went on for over a week having contractions that kept making me think “this is it!” Amy was there for the excitement and to keep my spirits up when the continued false alarms had me frustrated and confused. When I went past my due date and decided to have the doctor break my water, Amy helped me understand the decision and was completely supportive.

Labor came on fast, and Amy was there minutes after I called for her to come. As soon as she walked in the door I felt measurably calmer, she immediately assessed my situation and began the comfort measures that we had discussed in our first appointments. When labor intensified even more, I began to realize that this was more than I could handle, and the stress was keeping my body from being able to progress smoothly in labor. I had made a commitment to a natural birth, and I was afraid to disappoint myself and everyone who had invested in a natural birth as well, but I felt complete support from Amy when I asked for an epidural. After the epidural, Amy stayed by my side, helping to keep relaxing and helping my body to keep up its progress. My body progressed quickly and when it was time to push, Amy was, again, right by my side as I delivered my daughter.

This pregnancy could have been a traumatic experience in so many ways, I credit the positive outcome–not just my healthy daughter, but the positive feelings I have about the process–to having Amy right by my side through each phase, each unexpected event, and ultimately, through the elation of my daughter’s birth.

Jena N.
Successful VBAC 5/4/2011

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Testimonial from Whitney C.

My birthing experience was AMAZING and she was a HUGE part of it.  I went into it planning to do a natural birth in the hospital.  She met with me a few times and constantly was there to answer any questions I had (it was my first baby, so I had MANY).  I had to go to the hospital a few times because I thought I had gone into labor, had to get prostaglandin gels and was dehydrated.  All 3 times Amy was by her phone checking up on me seeing how things were going.  Even when I was there in the middle of the night/morning, she was still up checking on me.  When it was the real thing she met us in the delivery room and brought all her materials.  I was in labor for 22 hours and she was there for the WHOLE thing, plus a little longer after baby came.

She was positive the whole time and very understanding.  She had a gentle touch that was very relaxing for me and knew what I needed.  When it came to making decisions she would ask me and let me answer on my own time and not constantly bother me.  After I gave birth she was there to help out but stood back out of the way so we could enjoy the moment.  She was getting me ice chips and helping out in any way that she could but understood the importance of letting me and my husband meet our baby and enjoy that time.  She met with us afterwards to see how things were going and still keeps in contact with me.  She exceeded our expectations by far and made the labor experience one I can look back on and smile!  I will DEFINITELY use her for my next birth and had an amazing experience thanks to her.

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Testimonial from Charlotte

Amy is very helpful and experienced, I would recommend her to anyone expecting!

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Testimonial from Wendy

Successful VBAC

Ya know…  I am a very deeply private person.  I had delivered 7 children.  The first 6 kids were vaginal, and the 7th baby was a C-section.  I have only ever allowed my husband to be with me during labor and delivery.  However, facing the obstacle of overcoming the tremendous pressures and negativity surrounding a VBAC, I knew I needed to have someone on my side, to be MY advocate.  A person I could rely on to be there for ME.  I talked to my husband who was very unsure about the whole “doula-thing”.  He agreed with stipulations and I began looking.  I contacted dozens, and dozens of doulas.  Many would not take me because I was a VBAC, or I was not in their “area”, or they just were too busy.  Many of them were just abrasive and not my cup of tea.  I am not opposed to “interventions”, but I wanted someone who would support the choices I made and the goals and ideals I had.  I interviewed only one doula face to face.  The minute she walked in the door I KNEW she was it.  She was sweet, charming…and NORMAL!  She had similar views of birth to mine.  But, she was not opposed to natural labor which is what I really wanted this time.  She had a ton of information, and techniques I had not heard of.  She was extremely educated in relief techniques.  She was willing to learn more about VBAC and listened to my ideas of how I wanted my birth.

When it came time, she was there for me.  She knew instinctively what to do and when to do it.  She had a way of knowing what I needed even before I did.  She was gentle, soft, patient.  She was nothing short of a miracle.  My birth was a long, tiring one.  She was with me for 14 hours through the night.  She did not sleep a wink.  She stayed with me…talked to me… let me rest.  She was just there to be what I needed, when I needed it.  When it got so hard (no drugs), she was there and she got me through one of the most intense, amazing experiences I have ever had.  It was truly the most amazing moment of my life.  I can’t possible repay her for her amazing abilities.  I would HIGHLY recommend this amazing mother, woman and doula to anyone.  She is truly talented.  Since the birth, she has kept in contact with us.  She emails for updates on the baby, on me.  She started out as just a doula for a birth, but instead, has become MUCH more.

To anyone who is possibly thinking about a doula, I would absolutely hire Amy in a heart beat.  I can’t believe I never used a doula in the past.  The benefits are tremendous.  Amy is an Amazing woman and is very capable!

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Testimonial from Erika

Amy was my doula for my fourth pregnancy.  It was the first time I chose to use a doula and I am so glad that I did.  She was very friendly and always available when I needed her.  Plus, she was very knowledgeable and always able to answer any questions that I had.  My labor and deliver experience went very smoothly and exactly the way I wanted.  I don’t know if it would have turned out so wonderful if Amy hadn’t been there.

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Testimonial from Palak

Amy was calm, prepared, very focused and compassionate – all the things I needed when I was giving birth as I was attempting a VBAC.  She was such a blessing!  I recommend her to anybody.  If you are looking to improve your chances of a normal delivery, a doula is a MUST!  And Amy is one of the best out there!
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